Summer Transition Program for YORK Students with Disabilities

Project ADVANCE (PA) is a FREE transition program offered through Disability Services at York University. It is designed to prepare students with documented disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities, mental health disabilities, physical, sensory and medical disabilities) for success in their post-secondary studies.  During PA, students will have the opportunity to learn about academic strategies, assistive technologies, and the availability of campus support at York.  In addition, there will be an opportunity to examine individual areas of academic strength and weakness as they relate to the challenges of university studies.  While we welcome students at any point in their studies at York, provided they are newly registered with Disability Services, it should be noted that the primary focus of this program is on students who are transitioning from high school to university.

PA is offered as a two-week intensive program each summer.  In August 2017, it will run from Monday, August 14th to Friday, August 25th.   New students interested in taking part must be accepted into York University for  the upcoming year (summer 2017, fall/winter 2017-2018) and they must complete our online Summer 2017 Project ADVANCE Application Form by Monday, August 7th.  Please note, registration in Project ADVANCE has closed for summer 2017.

Parents or other support persons who have a child taking part in PA can attend our one-day parent orientation.  This orientation is designed to address parental concerns regarding the transition to post-secondary studies for students with disabilities.  "Parent Orientation" takes place on the first day of PA, Monday, August 14th.  To take part, parents must have a child attending PA in summer 2017.

Additional information is available on our  Project ADVANCE Q & A page.