Disability Services

Disability Services (DS) provides educational support to students with documented disabilities in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and York Senate Policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities.

To register with DS, students must be enrolled in degree-granting programs on the Keele campus of York University.  As part of registration, students must provide BOTH their disability related documentation AND complete our online questionnaire.  Information about documentation requirements is available from our Disability Services Documentation page.  Students should upload copies of their disability related documentation to our online  Disability Services Student Questionnaire.

DS on the Keele campus is made up of three individual units.  Students will be contacted about scheduling an appointment with one of our units once their registration information (disability related documentation and online questionnaire) have been received.

Similar support services are provided to Glendon students.  Counselling Services at Glendon offers a range of services to students, including personal counselling, career counselling and accessibility services for students with learning, mental health, physical, sensory and medical disabilities.

School of Continuing Studies Students

Information for students enrolled in the School of Continuing Studies at York University who may require academic accommodations due to a disabling condition is available from our Academic Accommodation, School of Continuing Studies page.

Our three disability service units are:

Learning Disability Services providing educational support to students with documented learning disabilities, attention disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Mental Health Disability Services: providing educational support to students with documented mental health disabilities.
Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services: providing educational support to students with documented physical, sensory & medical disabilities.